Minnesota Fireworks & Pyrotechnics Company Services

Public & Municipal Events

Our outdoor Fireworks are complete sensory experience unlike anything you have experienced! Displays include a variety of fireworks and multi-shot cakes that awe and amaze. From your large fourth of July to a more personalized productions for weddings, anniversaries and other special events.

Popular Public & Municipal Fireworks Events

  • Fourth of July
  • New Years Eve
  • City Events & Festivals

Weddings & Celebrations

Your wedding is an extremely important milestone to add to your life. Make your wedding unforgettable with a specialized firework display matched to your wedding’s colors and themes.

Perfect for:

  • Wedding Receptions / Send-offs / Finales
  • Marriage Proposals
  • Engagement Parties

Corporate Events

Fireworks are a fantastic way to display at Corporate events. Minnesota Pyrotechnics can help companies of all sizes create events their employees and families look back upon. We will design a show specifically tailored for your brand and event including logos and writing to light up the night sky or daytime smoke colors.

Corporate Pyrotechnic Displays are ideal for:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Expansions
  • New Product Launches
  • Corporate Anniversaries
  • Commemorations and Milestones

Baby Showers/Reveal & Celebrations

Want to have the ultimate baby reveal. Make your shower unforgettable with a specialized daytime firework or night time customized displays.

Perfect for:

  • Baby Reveal
  • Gender Reveals
  • Baby Showers

Pyrotechnic Musical Displays

Anyone can do fireworks. Some people can do fireworks with music in the background. We can do shows with precision timing to just about any type of audio you have permission or right to use. Each carefully timed to go just at the right moment. We can provide sound equipment and microphones along with ability to have special announcements during the setup of our displays.

Special FX

Flames, explosions, concussion sounds, smoke, daytime colored smoke, you want it we can probably do it!