Minnesota Pyrotechnics & Fireworks Company

Minnesota Pyrotechnics is a professional fireworks and special effect company based North Branch Minnesota serving Minnesota and Wisconsin fireworks for all your special effect and fireworks needs. Our primary goal is to leave you and your guest wowed and amazed by doing things not seen at your typical fireworks display.


The pyrotechnicians at MN Pyrotechnics are all experienced professionals with years of fireworks, special effects, and entertainment experience. Our show designers, safety consultants, lead technicians, and firework builders all share the same common goal which is to paint the sky and give you an auditorial, visual, mind-blowing experience. As the fireworks industry continues to grow and evolve so does our fireworks display company. Technology in fireworks displays is evolving and making everyone safer and the possibilities almost endless for firework displays. If think you have seen the most amazing firework displays ever then come see one of our fireworks shows and that feeling will quickly be replaced with memories from one of ours. Minnesota Pyrotechnics takes pride in being the best of the best which is why we continue to learn all the new technology and safety standards as they become available.

Minnesota Pyrotechnics not only provides our fireworks display services to direct clients, but we also produce firework show scripts for other firework enthusiast throughout the United States. Some of the most memorable displays created are projects with Minnesota Pyrotechnics because of our professionalism and ability to produce a quality fireworks and special effects event.


At Minnesota Pyrotechnics we do not sell our fireworks displays and design services as “packages”, We do not believe in pre-made/ designed firework displays because every firework display is unique and needs to be approached on an individual basis. No two venues are the same so why should two firework shows be the same? We have also found in the past that when you offer pre-packaged firework shows the client seldom ends up completely satisfied. Firework packages create constraints that pyrotechnicians are forced to work within. These constraints can limit the overall creativity of the fireworks display.

Minnesota Pyrotechnics approaches all fireworks display on an individual basis no matter how large or small. Over the years our fireworks and special effects company has refined our 5-step development process.

  1. Display understanding: The first step in our 5-step process is the understanding phase. In the understanding phase, one of our firework designers or lead display operator will sit down with you and your representatives in an effort to fully understand your wants and needs. Things like what day your event will be on, what time of day or night, venue location, how many expected audience, land or water, on the ground or on top of a building.
  2. Establish The Budget: Once we have an understanding of your venue wants, needs, and your audience, we can then help establish Budget. Fireworks displays and special effects should never be shot just to "shoot fireworks." Instead, a firework displays should be special and fit your weddings colors, your schools’ colors, your city colors, special event colors or even get as hot as you can handle heat from a large special effect. The budget should encompass what you need, and can be scaled up or down depending on your needs. Typical displays start at $2000 special effects vary significantly depending on needs.
  3. Fireworks Display Design: The fireworks design stage is where our team of talented pyrotechnicians create a "mockup" of stages of your fireworks display of special effect and will represent a timeline of your fireworks display, wedding fireworks, gender reveal, house warming party, you name it we can do it. All mockup timelines are based on the budget and criteria established from the understanding and audience and venue in the fireworks display process.
  4. Ordering Firework Stage: Once you approve the look and feel of your firework display, we will have our pyrotechnicians create a computerized file to be used during the night timed perfectly for your fireworks display down to the 100th of a sec. Once this file is completed, we will order your fireworks and special effects. Larger displays can take a lot longer to get product in for your display.
  5. Be Happy Stage: The 5th and final stage is pretty explanatory. This is the stage where you the client are happy with the finished special effects and firework display. Just because your event for this year is complete does not mean that our fireworks and special effects company will not be in contact to help you plan your next special moment, memory or event!

If you have any questions or would like more information then feel free to either browse through our website or contact us via one of the different methods listed on our contact page.